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 borrows his name form the classical myth of
Daedalos and Icaros 

 Relief by unknown artist (Museum Villa Albani)
Daedalos constructing the wings to fly to freedom from Crete .  His son Icaros watches and assists the work of his father.


The Classical Myth says that Daedalos instructed his son not to fly too high nor too low.  Flying too high and the sun's heat will melt the wax holding his feathers  together and too low the seawater will wet his feathers making  flying  impossible. The young son disobeyed his father's instruction and flew close to the sun. His wings melted and he fell to his death into the sea bearing his name , the  "Icarion Pelagos".

"Daedalos" or Skillful-Craftsman was the originator of technology in the Greek mind. He was contemporary of king Minoa of Crete. He is said to have been the builder of the Labyrinth (or Maze), the inventor of the saw and other useful tools even a moving artificial cow. King Minos (the State) did not permit Daedalos to leave the island of Crete. Minos did not want him to share his knowledge with other city states. The Minoan State wanted to keep its technological monopoly. Knowledge (Athena) inspired Daedalos to construct the wax-stacked feather wings and fly to her town of Freedom. Technology is an offspring of knowledge  which thrives only in Freedom.

Many important messages are contained in this mythical story.

First,  life is like a maze. We may encounter many difficulties but difficulty (daedalon) is the mother of any invention. 

Secondly, the first step in learning is to watch and assist as Icaros, the son of Daedalos, does in this relief. 

Thirdly, the master as Daedalos, should let others watch and assist him and regard them as his sons and his heirs. 

Fourthly, as king Minos learned,  monopoly of knowledge and technology is not possible.  

Fifthly, the most important message is, that unlike Icaros, we should avoid the extremes by taking the medium way in the application of technological knowledge. 


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