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Table of Contents

  1. How do I reach you?

  2. Where can I see the procedures performed?

  3. Why can I not learn the procedure by looking at an instructional video alone?

  4. Who is going to be the instructor ?

  5. What is the cost of your service ?

  6. When are your services going to be available ?

1. How do I reach you?

Please, follow the instructions in each service section. Do not use you your personal identification information  in documents attached submitted through e-mail or the Internet.  Use your Personal  Identification Number or PIN for all communications with us. If you have not a PIN with us ,please, Click Here  to obtain one.

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2. Where can I see the procedure performed?

Depending on your circumstances you may arrange a visit to the USA or we could visit you and assist you  in your institution,  if it is permissible by your State's law. Otherwise we could send you instructional videos or CD's with the procedures you requested to view.

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3. Why can I not learn the procedures by looking at the instructional videos alone?

Everybody can acquire the general knowledge about a procedure by looking at a video, or reading a book or a scientific article with detailed instructions. Nevertheless, the theoretical knowledge one acquires in this way needs to be applied  to the individual patient's case.  Our aim and hope is to show you, to assist you, to tele-proctor you or tele-mentor you as needed to learn the necessary skills or what to do in the individual patient's case avoiding thus harm to the patient. Speaking metaphorically, the Daedalos Institute, Ltd. will not only provide you with the wings of knowledge and the starting skills in how to fly in the modern surgical  heaven but we desire to protect you by flying  next to you and to prevent you from repeating  the mistakes of the mythological hero Icaros.   The modern, surgical, Icaros does not only fall to his death by over estimating his or her surgical capabilities but he could injure  the innocent patient who trusted his or her  life to his surgical skills!

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4. Who is going to by my instructor?

It depends on the service requested and place where the service is going to be rendered. 

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5. What is the cost of your services ?

Initial evaluation of your question is free.  Further cost  depends on the services you requested. You will be informed about your cost and ways to pay us before we proceed with the delivery of services.

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6. When are your services going to be available?

It depends on the services you requested.  Some are available any time such as Health Information and others need planning as concerns the place and time. 

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