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About Health Informatics 

 You may wonder, why do you need the Health Informatics of the Internet?

1) First  a humans we have the natural tendency to form Oligopolies and Monopolies (State or Private owned).  Which make difficult to obtain an unbiased opinion on health issues. Daedalos Institute, Ltd. tries to empower individuals and organizations to make health care decisions  evaluating the facts by themselves and not to follow blindly decision made by others for them. We offering information on multiple Health Issues. To find out whether we could help you, please type in the box above a short description of your health question or problem and submit it to us by clicking the submit button.

2) Even if you have a personal caring physician you need the help of Health Informatics.  As you know the technological progress increased the volume of information available in every field of knowledge, giving us multiple ways we could address problems. This creates difficulties of choice, because not all ways lead to the same results and we find ourselves inside a knowledge maze unable to make a decision or take an action. Health Informatics is for the person who knows, the impossibility of unlimited knowledge. it is for the one who wants to know. Daedalos Institute, Ltd. believes that Health Informatics  could guide us out from the information Maze by collecting, analytical evaluating and disseminating of  Health Information.




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